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Co Packing and Co Packer Services

Miami Fish House has developed many successful private label programs across the United States for food service and retail customers. Why not let our expert design team bring your private label packaging to life. 

There are many advantages to using us as your co packing. The most obvious is to  reduce startup costs for your company. Capital costs of equipment and facilities can be enormous. Using us as your co packer will allow you more time to accurately predict overhead costs due to manufacturing. Using us can also reduce lead-time in getting a product to market. We  already have our processing lines in place making your manufacturing, packaging, and labeling a food product a matter of placing an order. Our groups of people have over 30 years in the packing business.    

Types of   Services    

  • We Specialize   In Vacuum Pack With A State Of The Art Machine. We Can Vacuum Pack Any   Product. Price Varies By Size. 
  • Logistics (refrigerated transport)   
  • Cross Dock  
  • Freight Forwarding  
  • Product    
  • Refresh/Thawing   
  • Re-Packaging
  • Re-Boxing   
  • Custom  Assembly   
  • Heat Shrink   
  • Shrink Wrapping   
  • Temperature Controlled Processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Labeling   Date   Coding
  • Band Saw   (Steaks, Center Cuts,   Loins)
  • Bag  Seal
  • Re-Weighing
  • Bagging 
  • Cooler/Freezer  Services   
  • Processing
  • Glazing   
  • Pallet Exchange
  • Blast Freezing    

If you have  any product that was packaged wrong and you need it fixed we can help. No project is  to big or small; Please give us call if you have any questions. Our facility is located near Miami International airport. 10,000 square feet Facility. All work is done under cooled environment. FDA Inspected and HACCP Approved Facility    

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Miami Fish House is committed to providing the best Seafood and Packaging available.

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